How to Add a Metallic Finish and Textured Pattern to Your Canvas Art

Adding metallic details and textured pattern to your canvas art couldn’t be easier with a few key tools and products from Artisan Enhancements!

For this example we have chosen to start with a Fine Stone stencil relief using our Distressed Wallpaper stencil.  You may choose to paint your canvas first, if you’d like.

Using our Color Shaper tool, we smoothed Fine Stone over random sections of the over-sized stencil.

We then carefully removed the stencil, lifting it swiftly off the canvas.  It’s best to clean your stencil right away, before the product has dried.

Once the product had dried completely, we were ready for paint!

We chose three contrasting colors and grabbed our Round Brush and Natural Sea Sponge for application.

We then alternated between paint colors and blended them right on the canvas for a visually appealing effect.

The Natural Sea Sponge was perfect for layering a final coat of white paint in a random pattern.

Once the paint had dried, we used an inexpensive chip brush to randomly apply Leaf and Foil Size to the canvas.

About 20 minutes later the Leaf and Foil Size had “tacked up” and was ready for foil.  We chose our soft gold foil and arranged pieces, shiny side up onto the canvas.  A kitchen scrubbing brush works great for “burnishing” the backside of the foil.

We love how the metallic finish wraps itself around the textured pattern here!

Once satisfied with our overall paint finish we were ready to seal our canvas.  Our all natural acrylic varnish, Clear Finish is ideal for sealing metallic finishes as it adds a beautiful, subtle sheen.  Just two thin coats applied with our 45 mm Topcoat Brush were all that was needed to complete our canvas art.  Remember to wait 24 hours between Clear Finish applications.

This art finish was fun and so simple to create!  We hope you’ve been inspired to layer some texture and metallic foil finishes onto your next masterpiece!  Please be sure to hashtag #artisanenhancements in all of your social media shares!  Let us know what products you’ve used in your creations and we may feature your work on our Facebook page or Instagram feed!

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