DIY Stenciled Medallion Faux Finish Table Top


Here we have a unique dining table with great bones, but a scratched, warped and well worn wood top.

What we saw was a perfect opportunity to create a faux finish table top that would play off the curvy metal base that originally drew us to this piece!


We started with two coats of French Linen, allowing it to dry completely before proceeding.  We then applied a fairly heavy coat of Crackle Tex all over.


Once our Crackle Tex had dried, we used our small round brush to apply a quick coat of Old White, brushing the paint in every direction for an uneven, less structured finish.


With the last paint application dry, we had a lot of great crackle and texture that would create the base for our stenciled, faux finish.

We found the center of our table top and began our stenciled medallion with the Corner Motif Stencil.


Allowing a few minutes for the first section to dry, we then put our stencil back down, lining up the two dots on either side of the design as indicated by the arrows in the photo above.


With a forth application of the Corner Motif Stencil, our beautiful medallion was complete!

We could have stopped here, but decided to continue with a few more steps to give our piece a truly artistic finish!


After quickly sanding the entire table top to create a weathered, old world look, we applied one coat of Clear Topcoat Sealer to provide a workable surface for the Scumble Glaze that would come next!


We mixed a custom glaze of 5 parts Scumble to one part Graphite.

By applying the glaze haphazardly with a sea sponge, we easily created a beautiful marbled effect.


Continually turning the sponge and applying the glaze heavier in some places than others, we were able to achieve the naturally aged finish we were after!


Once satisfied with our table top finish, we applied a thin, even coat of Clear Topcoat Sealer with our 45mm Topcoat Brush.

After allowing the first coat of sealer to dry for 24 hours, we applied a second thin, even coat to provide our paint finish lasting durability.


With Artisan Enhancements art finishing products, stencils and tools, anyone can achieve a custom, unique paint finish!

This effect would be equally beautiful and easy to create on walls and other surfaces!

Find the faux finish artist in you with our wide range of user-friendly art finishing products!


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One thought on “DIY Stenciled Medallion Faux Finish Table Top

  1. This table is gorgeous! I ran across the picture when it was shared on the Knock Off Wood Facebook page. This helped me discover your blog, and I will be following you from now on! Thanks for sharing and I’m excited to see how you finish this beauty!

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