Pearl Glazed with Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster and Scumble


A unique frame is given a dramatic new look with just a few simple steps and some fantastic, easy to use and versatile products!

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We started by applying a couple coats of black paint with our round brush which is great for getting into all of those little grooves and details.


Once the paint had dried, we used our topcoat brush to apply a quick coat of Clear Topcoat Sealer to the entire frame, focusing on the flat surfaces and raised areas.  Once dry, this coat of sealer provided a great workable surface for our glaze.


Five teaspoons of Scumble, our tintable glaze-like medium was mixed with one teaspoon of Pearl Plaster to create an iridescent pearl glaze.  We started by brushing our custom mixed glaze over the painted frame.  Due to the size and detail of this frame, we worked on the glaze in manageable sections.


Giving the glaze just a moment to sit on the painted surface, we then wiped it back with a damp sponge, creating depth in the design and accenting the details.  Scumble has an open time of about 20 minutes, which means you can continue to wipe it back and adjust your finish during this time before the product dries.

Close up

The effect of the pearl glaze over the dark paint is a beautiful silvery finish with a great deal of depth and dimension.  The glaze could be applied over any other paint color or even be tinted with paint for a dramatically different effect.


Pearl Plaster has some sealer qualities in itself, making it not necessary to seal the finish on this frame, however we decided to further enhance the pearlescent sheen and add another layer of protection by applying a couple coats of Clear Finish.  Clear Finish is a natural, acrylic sealer that provides a protective finish with a beautiful satin to high gloss sheen depending on the number of layers applied.  Unlike other acrylic sealers, there is no need to sand in between coats of Clear Finish!  Simply use a quality topcoat brush to apply a thin, even layer and apply the second coat once the first has dried completely.


The Pearl Glaze beautifully highlighted and accented the unique details of this ornate frame!

This is a fabulous look on it’s own, but when you have Pearl Plaster and Scumble in your arsenal of art products, you have so much more than just a pearl glaze!

Pearl Plaster can also be pushed through a stencil for a raised relief effect or dry brushed over a painted surface for added drama!

Scumble is easily tinted with chalky paint or mixols to create any number of custom glazes!

Imagine the possibilities!

What will you create?

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