Gold Foil Ice Skate Tutorial


Ice skates are fun to use in winter decor, whether they’re simply propped up in a vignette or filled with greens and hung on a wall, from a mantle or on a door!

We came across this pair of skates at a thrift store that were just a little too new and white.  They were crying out for artistic embellishment!


Artisan Enhancements Leaf and Foil Size is a bio based product with no VOCs and is both safe and easy to work with.

Approximately 15 minutes after application, it provides a tacky surface in which to apply metallic foils.

We applied the Size directly to the leather part of the skate, however you may choose to paint the skates first and apply the Size once the paint has dried.


We chose the Soft Gold foil for this project but there are currently eleven different foils to choose from in the Artisan Enhancements line!

As soon as the Leaf and Foil Size had “tacked up,” we put a cut piece of foil down, shiny side up over the skate.

We found that it made the most sense to work on just one side of the skate at a time.  With a small scrubbing brush, we burnished the back side of the foil.


Peeling away the foil, we assessed the effect and decided to add a bit more Leaf and Foil Size in a few spots we had missed.

We then repeated the previous step of burnishing foil over those areas once the Size had tacked up (15 minutes).


After applying our Soft Gold Foil to all sides of each skate, it was time to seal our new metallic finish.

Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish is an all natural acrylic varnish.  We chose this sealer for it’s satin-glossy sheen which would enhance the shine of our metallic finish.  We used our 45mm Topcoat Brush, designed to provide a consistent, even application with minimal brush strokes.  Two very thin coats of Clear Finish was sufficient for sealing our skates.  Twenty four hours dry time between coats of Clear Finish is recommended and 48-72 hours for a full cure time.


Once sealed and cured, we had fun adding unique ribbon laces and incorporating a few greens for a festive look before hanging our new golden skates!


Adding a metallic finish to almost any surface is fun and easy with Artisan Enhancements Leaf and Foil Size!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and encourage you to pin it for future reference or to share with your friends!

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