Custom Art Finish Plate Charger Tutorial

Restyling inexpensive, store bought plate chargers is a fun and creative way to customize place settings and set a beautiful table for a dinner party!

The user friendly art products and tools from Artisan Enhancements make this project a breeze!

We started by applying two coats of brown paint to this gold, plastic charger.

Our favorite round brush was perfect for quick coverage and for creating some texture in the paint finish.

We allowed our paint finish plenty of dry time before moving onto the next step.

Meanwhile, we gathered our Color Shaper tool, Pearl Plaster and the Floral Scroll Stencil.

We then positioned our stencil in place and spread a dollop of Pearl Plaster over the top of it with our Color Shaper Tool.

We focused our Pearl Plaster application on the raised edge of the charger and wiped away any that spilled over.

Once we had covered the portion of the design we wanted to use, we carefully lifted off our stencil.

After a good cleaning we repositioned the stencil to continue the pattern around the charger.

We were careful not to lay the stencil down onto areas of Pearl Plaster that were still wet.

Before the Pearl Plaster was dry we used a small paint brush to add a bit of texture to the design.

After allowing the Pearl Plaster design to dry completely, we positioned our stencil back over the design.

Using our small stencil brush, we added a bit of color to the Pearl Plaster raised stencil relief.

For the next step we mixed a custom glaze of 4 parts Scumble to 1 part Pearl Plaster.

Typically we will brush on and wipe back a Scumble Glaze.

For this project we chose to stipple the Pearl glaze over our paint finish for a marbled effect.

Once satisfied with our custom art finish, we allowed it to dry overnight before sealing.

Our Clear Finish is an all natural acrylic sealer with a satin-gloss finish and is ideal for projects like this one.

We applied three thin coats of Clear Finish with our 45mm Topcoat Brush, allowing several hours of dry time between applications.

Once cured, Clear Finish is water-resistant.  We do not recommend submerging the charger in water, however cleaning it with a damp cloth is perfectly fine!

Now you can create your own beautiful, custom chargers to add a personal and creative touch to your next tablescape!

Biobased, sustainable art products from Artisan Enhancements are easy, safe and fun to use on furniture, walls and even smaller scale projects such as this one!

Be sure to hashtag #artisanenhancements in your project shares on Social Media!  We love seeing the creative ways you choose to use our products and tools!


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