From Brass to Stone….DIY Designer Lamp Makeover

Outdated lamps are abundant in thrift stores and junk shops!  We picked up this brass lamp for a few dollars with a dramatic makeover in mind!  A few metal flower magnets were purchased from Michael’s Craft Store to add a fun element to the shape of the lamp.

We used an epoxy to glue the metal flowers in place, secured with painter’s tape while we waited for the glue to dry.

24 hours later, our flowers were secured to the lamp surface and we were ready to add our decorative finish!

Fine Stone is a plaster product with an aggregate texture that is white in it’s natural form.  It can easily be tinted with paint to create any color of stone texture you choose.  Here we’ve mixed in just a couple of spoonfuls of a stone-grey color.

Using our Large Round brush, we went to work stippling our grey Fine Stone mix directly onto the brass surface.  There is no need to prime before application.  Fine Stone adheres well to most surfaces, even shiny brass!   Working in between the petals of our metal flowers was a little trickier than applying our mix to the lamp surface.  Our small stencil brush came in handy for getting to those harder to reach places.

A second coat of our Fine Stone mix was applied after the first had dried completely.  Two full coats created enough coverage that the brass finish was no longer visible.   Once the second coat had dried, we lightly dry-brushed and stippled a couple of other paint colors to add to the natural stone finish effect.  A little white and a touch of brown was enough to create the stone look we were after.

Once satisfied with our faux stone finish, we were ready to apply sealer.  Clear Topcoat Sealer is the ideal sealer for any lamp project as it creates a heat-resistant finish.  We also opted for Clear Topcoat Sealer for the durable, matte finish it provides.  After applying one thin coat of sealer, we waited 24 hours and applied a second thin coat.

The most difficult part of this lamp makeover was finding the perfect shade to fit the lamp and compliment it’s new finish!

This was a fun and simple makeover with dramatic results!  Stone finishes are on trend and a welcome addition to any interior style!  Have you created a stone finish with Artisan Enhancements Fine Stone yet?  We encourage you to give it a try and be sure to hashtag #artisanenhancements in your social media shares when you do!  We can’t wait to see your creations!



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