DIY Gift Basket Ornaments, Metallic Foiled & Glittered

As much as we love a good furniture makeover, a seasonal craft project can be equally fun!  Isn’t it lucky that the biobased, earth friendly art finishing products we use on our furniture work great for crafting too?

You will likely find these little seed starter peat pots in the garden center of your local super store.  We chose to paint ours a matte black as we find that black works well as a base for metallic foils.  Once the paint had dried we brushed on a coat of Leaf & Foil Size.

The Leaf & Foil Size requires about 15-20 minutes to tack-up.  Use this time to gather and create the embellishments for your basket ornaments.

We created small paper ornaments with old sheet music, wire and vintage graphics and set them aside when we were ready to apply the foils.

This project is a great use of any metallic foil scraps you may have leftover from furniture projects.  Here we used a small piece of pewter foil, applied shiny side up and burnished with our stencil brush.

We also used our soft gold foil on a basket for some variety.  Both the soft gold and pewter foils have a vintage look that worked well for our project.

Once satisfied with our metallic foil application, we used our 45mm Topcoat Brush to seal our pots with Clear Finish.  Clear Finish is our go-to sealer for metallics as it provides a beautiful sheen.

Clear Finish dries quickly, so within a few minutes we were ready to add the handle to our basket ornament.  Using a small hole punch, we made a hole in either side of the peat pot.

Next we used a piece of wire fed through the punched holes and twisted into place to create our handle.

Our stencil brush was the perfect size for applying a band of Transfer Gel to the top of our basket.  As the Transfer Gel dries quickly, we found it worked best to apply it and the glitter in sections.

While the Transfer Gel was still wet, we sprinkled German Glass Glitter over that area with a spoon.  Having a piece of cardstock under our work space allowed us to catch the excess glitter for re-use.

Finally, we used a hot glue gun to apply our sheet music embellishments to the front of our baskets.  After adding a handful of gift basket shreds to each ornament, these pretty little vintage style crafted ornaments were ready to go!  What fun and pretty packaging for a small gift or a few candies.

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What creative uses have you found for your Artisan Enhancements art finishing products?  We always love to see what customers are creating!

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