Pumpkin Inspiration from Artisan Enhancements


Whether you are decorating with faux or real pumpkins this year, our line of art finishing products will give your pumpkins an artistic edge!

From rustic to elegant, we’ve put together some pumpkin project inspiration that we are excited to share with you!

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We started with a couple piles of orange pumpkins.


Artisan Enhancements Leaf & Foil Size makes adding a metallic finish to your pumpkins easy and fun!  We started by painting the pumpkins a solid color.  The pumpkin on the left was painted in Graphite while the one on the right was painted in Paris Grey.  Once the paint was completely dry, we quickly brushed Leaf & Foil Size all over the pumpkins.  After allowing 20 minutes for the Size to “tack up,” we haphazardly smoothed pieces of metallic foil over the tacky surfaces.

Remember to apply your foil shiny side up!


When the foil was pulled away, we were left with a beautiful metallic finish.  Clear Finish by Artisan Enhancements, a non-yellowing, all natural acrylic varnish is a great sealer to use on metallic projects as it provides a satin to glossy finish that will help enhance the shine of your metallic foil.


These elegant and whimsical pumpkins were first painted in Old White.  We then used the small Artisan Enhancements stencil brush to add polka-dots in Paris Grey.  A mix of 3 parts Scumble to 2 parts Pearl Plaster was then applied over top to add an elegant pearly luster!


Clear Finish was used to seal these pumpkins and to enhance the shimmer of the Pearl Plaster finish!


We used our Scumble Glaze tinted with Pearl Plaster again on these pumpkins which had previously been painted in Graphite!


A scroll leaf from our Romanesque stencil was used to create the raised design on this pumpkin which had been previously painted in Old White.  We smoothed Fine Stone across the stencil with our color shaper tool to create the raised relief.  Once dry, Leaf & Foil Size was applied in the places we wanted to highlight.  Copper Foil was then applied to those areas once the Leaf & Foil Size had tacked up.


To create the rustic finish on these pumpkins, we used Artisan Enhancements Crackle Tex in between layers of Old White and Paris Grey.  The “pull off” method was used on the larger pumpkin to create an even more textured and chippy look.

Finally, we mixed a Scumble Glaze of 5 parts Graphite to 1 part Scumble, brushed it over the entire pumpkin and then wiped it back with a damp sea sponge.


The glaze worked to create additional depth and dimension to the finish as well as to dramatize that great crackle!  These pumpkins have been sealed with Clear Topcoat Sealer which provides a protective matte finish suitable for outdoor use!  Our chippy, crackled faux pumpkins are now ready for the front porch!


We hope you enjoy this bit of inspiration for adding artistic finishes to your pumpkins!  With Artisan Enhancements products, the possibilities are endless!  Do you have some pumpkin projects in  your future?  We hope you will share your creations with us!  Be sure to hashtag #artisanenhancements when you post your photos on social media sites!  We love to see and share the creative ways our products are being used to create amazing finishes!

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