Sand Washed and Stenciled Sign Tutorial


Perfect for the beach house, or the beach inspired home, it isn’t just the words on this sign that conjure up images of the seashore!  We have created a textured, weathered finish reminiscent of a surface washed and worn with beach sand and salt water!  Follow along as we walk through the steps of producing the weathered backdrop for our stenciled sign.  We will then show how we created the shadowed effect with our stenciled words, and further distressed the lettering to give our sign an authentic, beach worn look, sealed for use either outside or in!

DSC_0251 (3)

Our Fine Stone is a versatile product with so many possibilities.  Here we simply brushed it on with our round brush in various spots over our painted board.  This was the first step to creating that sand washed look.

DSC_0260 (1)

Once the Fine Stone had dried, we applied a fairly thick layer of Crackle Tex over the entire surface.

DSC_0270 (1)

As soon as our Crackle Tex was dry, we painted over it with Old White, being careful not to overwork the surface as the Crackle Tex begins to activate very quickly.

DSC_0275 (1)

As cracks began to appear in our paint finish, we wiped back areas of paint with a damp cloth, dragging the paint down in one direction.

DSC_0280 (1)

Once we had achieved the weathered finish we were after, we gave the board a little more dry time and prepared to begin stenciling!

DSC_0285 (1)

After a little measuring and pre-planning, we used our Vintage Alphabet Stencil Set and large stencil brush to stencil the words “Surf, Sand, Sun” in French Linen on our weathered sign.

DSC_0292 (1)  DSC_0294 (1)

We used a black permanent marker to create a shadowed effect on the stenciled letters and make them stand out a bit more on the sign.

DSC_0299 (1)

Lightly sanding the stenciled letters once the paint and marker had dried, further added to the weathered effect.  We especially liked where the Fine Stone came through and added extra texture to some of the stenciling when sanded!


Once finished, we sealed our sign with two thin coats of Clear Topcoat Sealer, allowing the first coat to cure for 24 hours before applying the second.  As Clear Topcoat Sealer is exterior grade, this sign is now ready to be hung outside the beach house door, next to the pool or anywhere one might like to kick back and dream of a visit to the seashore!

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Happy creating!

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