Snekkerudbua – Lisa Erøy’s Farm in Norway Where Creativity Flourishes

Photos of Lise: Credit Photographer Jeanette Bækkevold

Our Norwegian retailer, Lise Erøy, has been painting and creating her entire life.  A little over two and a half years ago, Lise started a business painting and recreating furniture.  At that time, Lise tells us she worked out of her living room and hallway area.  It wasn’t long before her business expanded to a renovated shed.  Just two months ago Lise decided she needed an even larger space for Snekkerudbua and moved her shop into another house on her property.

We were curious about the significance behind Lise’s business name.  She explained to us that the name of her farm, “Snekkerud” roughly translates to “Carpenter’s Place.”  The “Bua” comes from a favorite childhood story in which a boy runs to a shed to hide when his father is angry with him.  The boy spends his time in the shed creating little wooden figures.  In Norwegian, the name of the shed in the story is Snekkerbua.  Lise cleverly combined the two names and called her creative shop on the farm, Snekkerudbua.

Lise hosts workshops on her farm 6-10 times each year.  She supplies other creative shops across Norway with products and support.  Many of these shops also offer workshops in creative finishes and furniture redesign.

When asked about her personal style, Lise explained that she prefers earth tones and pale colors.  She gravitates towards Farmhouse, French, and Industrial style decor.

Lise tells us that although she loves all of the Artisan Enhancements Products, she favors the Leaf & Foil Size, Metallic Foils, VP Antico and stencils.

Even Lise’s sweet pup has benefited from her creative endeavors!  How great does the Venetian Damask stencil look on the pet feeding station?

In contrast to Lise’s personal style, she finds her customers are gravitating towards bold colors and Modern Scandinavian decor.  The Graphic Scallop and Dot stencil design on this table top compliments that trend and surely caught the attention of Lise’s customers.

Foil application is one of the many techniques that Lise enjoys teaching her customers and one that seems to leave an impression on them.  “Anyone can do it!  It’s simple!” she says!


We are so pleased that Artisan Enhancements products are among the offerings at Snekkerudbua!  Lise is passionate about her work and her creativity inspires us all!

Please visit Snekkerudbua’s website to learn more about Lise’s business, her shop offerings and workshop schedule!



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