Textured Chippy Distressed DIY Furniture Finish

Those who are familiar with our products know that Crackle Tex can not only create dramatic weathered crackled paint finishes but Crackle Tex can also give you a textured chippy finish as well!  Two questions that we get asked often are, “Can you apply Crackle Tex to an unpainted wood surface?” and “Can you layer Crackle Tex finishes for a multi-layer distressed effect?”  The answer to both of these questions is… “Yes!”

We get so many inquires on how to create a textured chippy distressed finish, we thought we’d demonstrate the application on a chest of drawers that was crying out for more character, depth, and a well weathered, chip crackle distressed finish!

DSC_0644 (1)

This chest of drawers had clearly seen better days, but we liked the primitive look of the original wood finish enough to want to see some of it peeking through our final paint finish.  After a light cleaning, we applied a liberal coat of Crackle Tex to the entire surface and then allowed it to dry until clear.


Working in manageable sections, we brushed on a thick coat of Old White, being careful not to pass over the surface more than twice with the paint. Over brushing or overworking the paint with too much back and forth will hinder the effectiveness of the Crackle Tex.


As the paint dries, cracks will start to appear. As cracks became visible in the paint finish, we grabbed our damp sea sponge and began lifting off the paint in spots to create that textured “chippy” effect.  This is where it’s important to work in sections as the paint dries quickly and this technique only works while the paint is still fairly wet.


As you can see, we achieved some great crackle and chippiness with bits of the original wood finish revealed.


After our first layer of crackled and chipped paint had dried, we then applied a second coat of Crackle Tex over and allowed it to completely dry.


A custom mix of Florence and Pure White was brushed quickly over the dry Crackle Tex, again applying the paint to one small section of the chest of drawers at a time.


This time we pulled off parts of the top paint layer to reveal both the crackled, textured Old White Finish below as well as the original wood finish.


To give our chippy paint finish a more authentic, weathered look, we mixed a glaze using 5 parts Scumble to 1 part Graphite.


For a smoother, more controlled glaze, we recommend applying a quick coat of Clear Topcoat Sealer to your paint finish before applying your Scumble glaze.  That being said, because we were going for a rough, rustic look this time, we chose to brush the glaze directly onto our now dry, chippy paint finish.


Once wiped back with a damp sea sponge, the glaze settled beautifully into the cracks and textured areas created by the Crackle Tex layers.


Two coats of Clear Topcoat Sealer applied with our Topcoat Brush provide a durable, matte finish that will protect this chippy distressed paint finish for years to come.


If well weathered, chippy and distressed paint finishes are your style, we hope you’ll give Crackle Tex a try!  Unlike other crackle mediums, Crackle Tex works to crackle and add texture to the paint applied over top of it, so you can apply it directly to wood and layer it for a finish that appears well weathered and aged.

The possibilities are endless!

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