Simple DIY Plastic Flower Pot Upgrade using Fine Stone

We love sharing quick DIY projects! You won’t believe how simple it is to upgrade a basic, boring plastic flower pot!

Just give it a stone-like textured finish with Fine Stone by Artisan Enhancements!

We picked up a couple of inexpensive Petunia baskets to demonstrate this quick and easy transformation.

A rubber band works great for keeping any hanging leaves or flowers out of the way while you work.

Our plastic pot was a little on the shiny side. To ensure our Fine Stone would adhere to the surface, we applied a quick coat of grey paint.

The matte paint finish created a good workable surface for our Fine Stone application.

Fine Stone by Artisan Enhancements is an exterior grade plaster product with added aggregate used to produce stone-like textures. Fine Stone in it’s natural state is white.

We added a touch of grey paint to the Fine Stone before stippling it onto our plastic pot.

You can tint Fine Stone with any paint color of your choosing.  You may also simply choose to paint it once it has dried.

Our Small Round Brush is great for “stippling” or “pouncing” product onto surfaces as shown here.

Once our Fine Stone finish had dried, we decided it needed a second color for added dimension.

We created a light tan colored wash with a little paint and water and brushed it haphazardly over the entire surface.

With our dry, faux stone finish completed, we were ready to apply sealer.  Our 45 mm Topcoat Brush is ideal for applying thin, even coats of sealer.

We turned to Clear Topcoat Sealer for it’s exterior grade qualities and beautiful matte finish!

Twenty four hours later we applied a second coat of Clear Topcoat Sealer.

 After giving our second coat of sealer several hours to dry, we used a hot glue gun to apply a patch of artificial moss.

To see another great stone texture project, check out this video tutorial from My Patch of Blue Sky!

We hope you will give this simple plastic flower pot upgrade a try!

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