Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish for Sealing Kitchen Cabinetry

It’s no secret that tackling your own kitchen remodel by simply updating cabinetry with a few coats of paint is the most cost effective way to create dramatic change in your kitchen.  Most DIYers are comfortable with the idea of painting cabinetry once they decide on a color.  However, the prospect of sealing that new paint finish with a product that is durable, non-toxic and easy to apply can be daunting.    

There are a few things to consider when choosing a sealer for painted cabinetry.  Kitchens are one of the most highly used spaces in a home, meaning the wear and tear on cabinetry is greater than what most furniture and other painted surfaces typically endure.  Kitchen cabinetry is also more likely to be exposed to water and heat, so it is important to choose a sealer that can hold up to these elements as well.  The exposure to VOCs and toxic fumes during the process of sealing cabinetry is another important factor to consider.  Traditional topcoat sealers for wood and painted surfaces are laden with warnings of chemical exposure, encouraging lots of ventilation and listing the possible health risks involved with product use.  Chemical exposure is a serious concern for expectant mothers, families with young children, and individuals with air quality sensitivities (with conditions such as asthma).

While carefully researching which sealer is the most appropriate sealer for a kitchen cabinetry project, many painters/DIYers have selected Artisan Enhancements sealers for their final protective topcoat to seal their painted finish.

Although the focus of this article is the three DIYers who ultimately chose Clear Finish to seal painted kitchen cabinetry, we want to also mention the importance of taking the appropriate steps to prepare your cabinetry prior to painting.  At Artisan Enhancements we always recommend prepping and sealing old cabinet finishes prior to painting. The right prep work will protect against potential bleed through and help ensure paint adhesion. Our favorite prep sealer is of course Artisan Enhancements Clear Topcoat Sealer!

When prepping your piece prior to painting, you want to apply Clear Topcoat Sealer with a high quality topcoat varnish brush for a smooth application. Whether you’re applying Clear Finish or Clear Topcoat Sealer as the final sealer for your painted piece or cabinetry, again, using a quality topcoat brush to ensure even coverage and minimize the appearance of brush strokes is essential. We recommend our 45mm Topcoat Brush which is mostly made of natural bristles but has a light blend of synthetic bristles to lessen the opportunities for visible brush strokes. A huge benefit of this brush is that it helps facilitate thin even coats when applying paint, Clear Topcoat Sealer or Clear Finish.

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Our first kitchen project comes to us from Kat in New Zealand.  Kat is a small business owner and lifestyle blogger offering tutorials and inspiration at  She caught our attention in 2015 when she published a detailed blog post describing the steps she and her husband had taken to give their dated kitchen a complete overhaul.  For Kat, choosing a sealer she was comfortable using meant doing a bit of experimenting on her own.  In the blog post about her kitchen cabinet project,  Kat compares a couple of sealer options and explains at length why she ultimately selected Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish for her project.

Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish is a non-toxic, all natural, non-yellowing acrylic sealer that provides a lasting, water-resistant finish once cured.  Clear Finish is the sealer we recommend for bright white paint finishes, which made it the perfect choice for Kat who was looking for a sealer that would not yellow her kitchen cabinetry painted in Pure White.  This kitchen transformation was completed 18 months ago and Kat is happy to report that her painted cabinets sealed with Clear Finish are holding up well!  To read more in depth details on Kat’s kitchen makeover project, please visit her blog post:

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The next beautiful kitchen cabinetry makeover is also sealed with Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish. This kitchen project is a cozy vacation rental, the Eleven09 House, located in Abilene, TX.

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When Melissa set out to paint the kitchen cabinetry in the rental home, she was diligent in her research to find a sealer that would hold up to much heavier use than the average kitchen.  Equally important was a paint finish that could be wiped down frequently and clean up easily in between guests.  Melissa ultimately decided on Clear Finish for the kitchen cabinetry because of how easily the sealed surface cleans up with just a little soap and water.  The cabinetry was painted in a custom mix of French Linen and Duck Egg Blue.  Melissa sealed her beautiful paint finishes with two coats of Clear Finish and allowed ample time for curing to ensure her painted cabinets would withstand heavy use long term.  Melissa says she loves the hard, durable finish that a couple coats of Clear Finish provides, and the fact that she wasn’t exposed to harmful VOCs in the process was an added benefit to choosing an Artisan Enhancements product!  See more of this beautiful vacation home here: or here:

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Ooh La La and Friends is a charming home decor boutique in Vernal Utah run by Amanda and her mom, Cheri.  In addition to offering a variety of Farmhouse and French style home decor and gift items, Ooh La La and Friends are also retailers for Artisan Enhancements and Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan!  

In the summer of 2016, Amanda and her husband tackled their own kitchen makeover project.  Amanda admits that they did a lot more than just paint the oak cabinets in the outdated 1980’s kitchen, and you can read more about their ambitious project on her blog here:

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Amanda used her painting skills to salvage the existing cabinetry, starting with a coat of Old White for coverage followed by Pure White for a crisp, clean look.  To seal her new white paint finish and add a bit of a sheen, Amanda chose Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish.  Several months later, she says she loves her cabinets, they clean easily and the finish has held up nicely!  

To learn more about Artisan Enhancements products or tools, visit your local Artisan Enhancements retailer.  You can find your local retailer at If you don’t have local retailer, shop online at For more information email us at

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  1. Would this clear sealer work for light oak that has lost its finish and is dry in places? The he clear sealer that was from factory has worn off from use, I just want to r store sealer.

  2. Recently, my sister moved into an older home. She wants the kitchen to get a fresh look, so she’s looking at different options. I never knew getting a good sealer for painted cabinetry can give you a more durable surface. I’ll share this info with my sister.

  3. From the last two years, I’m planning to renovate my kitchen room. But till today, it couldn’t work due to my lack of knowledge on these remodeling projects. I was wondering where to start. From your blog, I got some really useful ideas. Also I want some diy tips that could cut cost on my total expense to make the whole renovation project a budget-friendly one. White color cabinets, backsplash, countertop and good amount of light in the room is the current trend and I would like to follow the same.

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