How to Create an Etched Glass Effect with Artisan Enhancements Fine Stone and Pearl Plaster


We think you’re going to love this simple DIY etched glass effect project!

We started with a fairly large vintage glass window.


We discovered that a mixture of equal parts Pearl Plaster to Fine Stone provides just the right amount of shimmer and texture to achieve the etched effect that we were after.  You can experiment with this ratio if you prefer more or less of a pearl finish.  You may also add a small amount of water based paint if you desire color in your design!

For this large window, we mixed just 1 teaspoon of Pearl Plaster with 1 teaspoon of Fine Stone and had a sufficient amount of product to complete the design.


We chose to cover the entire window with our Distressed Wallpaper stencil design, taping it in place on one side before proceeding.  After some experimentation, we discovered that applying the Fine Stone/Pearl Plaster mixture sparingly and in a pouncing motion rather than brushing or troweling it on worked best.


Once we had finished applying the product over the entire stencil, we carefully peeled the stencil away from the window.

We then hurried to clean our stencil with warm water and a soft cloth before the product had time to dry on it.


Because the stencil has a border which we had included on our first application and we were only using a portion of the stencil on the second application, we ran a piece of painters tape down the the other side of the window so that the design would be balanced.


Anytime you are continuing a repeating stencil pattern, whether it be with paint, or plaster products such as these, be sure that your first section is completely dry before you overlap it with your clean stencil.  Our Distressed Wallpaper stencil couldn’t be easier to line up for repeating the design.


Within a couple of hours, the product was completely dry and well adhered to the glass.  Because this piece is not likely to be handled very much, it is really not necessary to apply a sealer.

Our vintage window now has a lovely design with an etched-like texture and a hint of shimmer!  This piece is ready to add a touch of vintage style and elegance to a mantle, buffet top or anywhere an over-sized, yet quiet decor accessory might be called for!


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