Fine Stone Raised Stencil with Pearl Glaze Garden Paver Tutorial

Fine Stone by Artisan Enhancements is an exterior grade plaster product with added aggregate used to produce stone-like textures.

In this tutorial we created a raised design on plain garden pavers using Fine Stone and our Graphic Flowers stencil!

Fine Stone adheres best to matte surfaces. Depending on your surface, you may want to apply a quick coat of matte paint as a base coat before applying your Fine Stone relief (raised) stencil.

For this project, a base coat of paint was not required. The rough texture of the concrete paver provided plenty of grip for our Fine Stone application.

We positioned our Graphic Flower stencil using low-tack painter’s tape. The painter’s tape not only held the stencil in place, but also created an even border around our square design.

Fine Stone can be applied in a variety of ways to achieve varied levels of thickness.

If the decorative pavers will be used for a walkway, apply the Fine Stone in a thin even layer.

The lower profile raised design will hold up better to foot traffic.

Simply spread a thin layer of Fine Stone over top of your stencil with your Color Shaper and then immediately lift the stencil off.

Any peaks or uneven areas of Fine Stone may be sanded away once dry.

If you love a more industrial look and are happy with your paver at this stage, you may choose to stop here and seal your project with Clear Topcoat Sealer.  This is a great look!

We wanted to offer a couple more ideas for customization in this tutorial, so we proceeded with a more detailed paint finish.

Once our Fine Stone raised stencil design was completely dry, we painted the entire paver in pale blue.

Repositioning our stencil back over the raised design, we used our small stencil brush to stipple black paint, highlighting the Graphic Flower design.

We mixed 5 parts Scumble to 1 part Pearl Plaster to create a shimmery pearl glaze.

Using our handy Small Round Brush, we applied a quick coat of the Pearl Scumble Glaze over the entire paver.

Using  a damp natural Sea Sponge, we wiped back the glaze in areas. Manipulating the glaze with sponge adds more depth to the design.

Satisfied with glazing, we allowed the finish to dry. After the Pearl Scumble glaze was completely dry, we applied our first thin coat of exterior grade Clear Topcoat Sealer. We always apply our sealers with our 45mm Topcoat Brush.

After 24 hours, we applied a second and final coat of Clear Topcoat Sealer.

We allowed the Clear Topcoat Sealer a few days of cure time before moving our pavers outdoors.

Our custom raised stencil pearl finish pavers now add a touch of art and whimsy to the garden path!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are inspired to create something special for your own yard or garden!

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We would love to see your creations!

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