Workshops at Posh Chalk® Interiors with Solly Jo: Experience & Achievement

Solly Jo Lewis is fairly new to the Artisan Enhancements family of retailers, but she has been painting and creating all her life!  Solly Jo is the face behind Posh Chalk® Interiors in Leeds, UK.

Posh Chalk® Interiors received their first shipment of Artisan Enhancements products in June and immediately hit the ground running!

Solly Jo was eager to share the inventive finishes that she and her crew were creating.  We watched her social media posts in awe!  Artisan Enhancements fit right in at Posh Chalk® Interiors!

Solly Jo has a passion for creating beauty and teaching others.  She loves her work and feels fortunate to share her passion with her customers and friends.  Her workshops inspire and empower students be artists!

Posh Chalk® Interiors offers weekly workshops, each featuring a variety of techniques.  Some workshops have a design theme, while others focus on specific techniques and trends.  Solly Jo shared that Artisan Enhancements stencils, VP Antico, Scumble and Metallic Foils are popular go-to’s in Posh Chalk® workshops.  Her customers gravitate towards French and Retro styles.  Solly Jo has a style all her own!

At the end of the day, Solly Jo wants her workshop students to feel a sense of accomplishment.  She prints custom certificates of achievement to present to them as the workshop comes to a close.  They have their photo taken with the certificate, standing next to their workshop creations!


We think this is a fabulous idea!  What a wonderful way to wrap up a fun and inspiring day!

For those who live in the UK, there are now four wonderful shops offering Artisan Enhancements products and workshops!

Find the location nearest you and prepare to be inspired!

Posh Chalk® Interiors in Leeds

Chic Interiors Wigan

Edie Mae’s in Blandford Forum

Tallulah Ravens Emporium in Brampton, Cumbria

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