Silk and Sage Design Studio

Husband and wife team, Katie and Brian opened Silk & Sage Design Studio in 2015.  Their mission; to provide Austin area DIYers with products and tools both high quality and eco-friendly.  By focusing on non-toxic and safe to use mediums for repurposing and refinishing, Silk and Sage is making efforts towards beautifying interiors without causing harm to the environment.  For Katie and Brian, this is a lifestyle and a passion, not just a passing trend.

Katie and Brian discovered Artisan Enhancements while talking with paint distributors in other cities.

They loved the fact that this line of art finishing products worked beautifully with the paints they were already carrying in the store, and that it also held up to their sustainability and quality standards.

The ease of use and wide range of achievable paint finishes also attracted them to Artisan Enhancements.  While we were visiting with Katie, she mentioned the amazing texture capabilities of products like VP Antico and Crackle Tex.  Katie says she is especially loving the plaster products right now.  She has most recently been creating a lot of layered finishes with raised stencil reliefs and Crackle Tex.

When asked which products her customers tended to gravitate towards, Katie responded with Clear Finish, Crackle Tex, and Pearl Plaster for mediums.  She feels her customers appreciate the versatility of the Pearl Plaster and Crackle Tex.  Clear Finish has been popular because of the ease of application and the satin finish it provides.

Silk and Sage customers love the European Wax Brush and the 45mm Topcoat Brush for their quality and affordability.  According to Katie, many of her customers prefer the Topcoat Brush not only for applying sealer, but also for achieving a smooth paint finish.

Customers of Silk and Sage enjoy a wide range of hands-on workshops that cover everything from crackle to metallic finishes!  Katie incorporates Artisan Enhancements products and tools into as many of her informative and inspiring workshops as possible.

If you’re in the Austin area, do take advantage of the workshops offered at Silk and Sage!

You will find a full calendar of scheduled workshops on the Silk & Sage website, here.

Enter the Silk and Sage Design Studio in Austin, Texas and you are sure to be inspired.  Katie’s use of color and texture in her displays creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.  This welcoming environment combined with the earth conscious philosophy behind the product selection at Silk and Sage is appreciated and respected by their loyal customers.




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