Add Depth and Dimension to Paint Finishes with Scumble!

Applying a Scumble glaze to your cabinetry, furniture or walls adds depth, dimension and a custom look to your paint finish!

Safe, Eco-Friendly Artistic Finishes and Sealers

Scumble is a transparent glaze-like medium that is easily tinted with Chalk Paint®, mixols, or Pearl Plaster.  Imagine the possibilities!

Scumble eliminates the need for purchasing a new glaze for each project.

With Scumble on hand,  you can mix any number of custom glazes to enhance your paint finishes.

Griffins Cabinet

Scumble has an extended open time.  Open time refers to the length of time before the product dries.

This 20 minute open time allows the user to wipe back and manipulate the glaze until the desired finish is achieved.

Scumble is biobased and low VOC making it safe for indoor use.

Clean up is a breeze as Scumble washes out of brushes, sponges and other tools easily with soap and water.


Scumble dries to a silky, flat finish and cures in 24-72 hours.  Once fully cured it is both wipeable and water resistant.

Suitcase With Grace1

A custom tinted Scumble Glaze can be applied with a brush for a smooth finish and wiped back with a damp sponge.

Scumble can also be stippled with a sea sponge for a marbled effect.


We used a mix of 5 parts Scumble to 1 part Graphite to create a dark glaze over this crackled finish.


Here we brushed a custom mix of 5 parts Scumble to 1 part Old Violet over the Large Format Venetian Damask stencil.

The addition of this custom glaze gave depth and dimension to the stenciled design.

Paris No Logo

Layering more than one color of Scumble glaze creates additional dimension and interest.

Applying Scumble over a raised stencil relief creates shadows and enhances the design.


A Scumble finish should be allowed to dry completely, (4-6 hours) before sealing.  Apply Artisan Enhancements Clear Topcoat Sealer or Clear Finish as a final protective coat.

We want to see your creations!  Please share your projects with the hashtag #artisanenhancements in your social media posts!

Be sure to include the products you used in your description.  Happy creating!

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4 thoughts on “Add Depth and Dimension to Paint Finishes with Scumble!

  1. I’m so excited about this wonderful new approach to transfer stenciled lazer images. I hope I can find a retailer in my area.
    Warmly~Corinne Culbertson

  2. Thank you for showing your lovely cupboard. It’s thrilling to see what you can do eirh an old cupboard.


    • Thank you Corinne! Yes, with the right products on hand, the sky is the limit! The possibilities are endless!

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