Tools for Artistic Finishes from Artisan Enhancements

As every artist knows, achieving a desired paint finish requires the appropriate supplies.

The use of quality art products and having the right tools for application are vital for a successful project.

At Artisan Enhancements, we’ve made it a goal to develop affordable, quality, and versatile art tools. Artisan Enhancements tools were created for both beginners and professionals.

Once you have our selection of artistic tools at your fingertips, there really is no limit to the art and decorative finishes you can create!

Our Small Round Brush features high quality bristles to produce great texture when painting.  It’s also a great tool for stippling paint, Fine Stone, Pearl Plaster, Scumble and crackle mediums.

The bristles are soft and pliable, making it ideal for getting into detailed woodwork.

Our 45mm Topcoat Brush is our recommended brush for applying sealers and varnishes.  This brush was specifically designed to apply thin, even layers and minimize the appearance of brush strokes.

The Topcoat Brush can also be used to apply smoother paint finishes. Many of our retailers’ customers lovingly call this brush their “favorite” to achieve a paint finish with minimal brush strokes.

Our European Wax brush is styled after “old world” wax brushes and is made in Sweden.  This brush features a hole in the middle to help the bristles fan out for better coverage.

The ergonomic, light weight design means less strain to the wrists during application.

The most recent addition to our tool collection is our Medium Round Brush or “The Everything Brush.”  This high quality brush is larger in diameter than the Small Round Brush.  We designed this brush to meet the needs for a larger, round, all-purpose brush.  It features soft, pliable bristles that are perfect for painting turned table legs and other challenging surfaces.

It’s our go-to brush for stippling paint, crackle or other texture mediums onto larger surface areas.

The Everything Brush also works great for waxing.

Consider using an Everything Brush alongside our Euro Wax Brush.  Designate the Euro for Clear Wax and an Everything Brush for accenting with color waxes.

Our Stencil Brush Set includes three brushes in varying sizes.  These brushes are ideal not only for stenciling but for any small detail work.

Our natural Sea Wool Sponge creates a beautiful, irregular stippled effect with paint or Pearl Plaster applications.

It also works brilliantly for applying or wiping back Scumble glazes.

Our Color Shaper tool was designed specifically for creating raised stencil reliefs with products like Pearl Plaster, Fine Stone or VP Antico.

The flexible design it a makes a better a choice than trowel or putty knife as it will not thin out or push your product under the stencil.

Our customers and retailers love the easy clean-up associated with Artisan Enhancements bio-based art products.

Most of our products are easily removed from tools simply with soap and water.  In order to keep your brushes in the best condition, we recommend our Heart Scrubbie for massaging and gently combing product out of brush bristles.

As an added bonus, the flat edge on the Heart Scrubbie also works well for burnishing metallic foils!

  Artisan Enhancements tools are well designed and produced with high quality materials.  Customers and retailers love that our tools are affordable, user friendly and long lasting.

Supply your art toolbox with quality, versatile brushes and accessories for professional, beautiful results!




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