The Creative Fun Never Ends at A Seeker’s Boutique in Paradise, CA!

Artisan Enhancements is pleased to introduce Brand Ambassador, Desiree Johnson of A Seeker’s Boutique in Paradise, CA!

Desiree is passionate and fearless when it comes to creating decorative finishes.  We are certain that anyone who knows her would agree that her enthusiasm is contagious!

Customers at A Seeker’s Boutique have caught the creative bug!  They flock to Desiree’s exciting hands-on workshops and are always looking forward to the next event!

Desiree packs loads of product info and fun techniques into every workshop she teaches.

Attendees create beautiful, custom home decor pieces to enjoy and pick up new art finishing skills in the process!  In the photo above, textured signs were created using VP Antico through stencils.

Desiree says her customers are big fans of Artisan Enhancements VP Antico and Fine Stone along with the raised stencil technique.

She takes every opportunity to incorporate these products into her workshops.

One of Desiree’s workshop students created the beautiful art finish featured above using Artisan Enhancements VP Antico and the Crested Wing stencil!

Desiree has a background in decorative painting and has always been on the lookout for products and techniques to “up her game.”

She knew from the first introduction that the Artisan Enhancements line would help her achieve the one-of-kind, custom art finishes she sought to create.

Desiree used Crackle Tex for texture on this little Italian chest of drawers.  She then accented the piece with Copper Foil to create a weathered, yet majestic finish!

Desiree is a big fan of the Artisan Enhancements stencil line.  She praises them for their strength and durability.

If she had to pick a favorite, Desiree says the Crested Wing stencil is the one, but truly she loves every single design!

She added the raised stencil relief to this drop-front secretary using VP Antico.

Artisan Enhancements Leaf & Foil Size and metallic foils are popular at A Seeker’s Boutique.  Desiree says she loves to use them for creating a “gilded effect.”

She finds a way to incorporate a little metallic bling into many of her custom furniture pieces.

To give customers a good visual of the Artisan Enhancements metallic foil selection at A Seeker’s Boutique, Desiree applied squares of foil directly to her shop wall!

Desiree recently had the opportunity to experiment with the new wood stains from Bio Savvy Brands.  On the sign featured above, Desiree used both Java and Roasted Pecan to create the variegated wood background.  Desiree claims that after having tried many of the different stains on the market today, Bio Savvy stains are by far the easiest to work with.  She loves the beautiful finishes she can create with them and the fact that they have no odor, dry quickly and clean up easily with water.

If you’re anywhere near Paradise, CA, be sure to visit A Seeker’s Boutique!  Sign up for a fun, hands-on workshop with Desiree!

Prepare to be inspired by her never ending enthusiasm and passion for creating!  At the end of one workshop, you will surely be signing up for the next!






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  1. Such a pleasure to be able to use Artisan Enhancements products. I want the world to know about them! Thanks for creating truly unique and amazing, earth friendly products that enhance my painted finishes.

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