Quick Stained & Stenciled Wooden Crate Tutorial

We’d like to show you a fun and easy stained and stenciled technique that you can use on any raw wood surface!

These simple wooden crates can be found at most craft stores and are a great blank canvas for a multitude of art finishes!

We started with an application of Bio Savvy’s Roasted Pecan stain.  Our small round brush worked perfect for application and there’s no need to wipe the stain back!

Bio Savvy stains brush on easily and penetrate the wood beautifully!  A little goes a long way, so don’t over saturate your brush!

Bio Savvy stains are fume-free and non-toxic so you can safely use them indoors without exposure to harmful odors.

Bio Savvy Stains dry quickly and can be layered for a variety of beautiful, artistic effects!

Here we used a portion of our Graphic Scallop and Dot stencil to add an element of design to all four sides of the crate.


This time we used Dark Walnut Savvy Stain, applied with our small round brush.  The key to getting a good, sharp stenciled design with Savvy Stains is to load very little stain onto your brush.  If you feel you have too much, grab a paper towel and off-load the excess before application.

Bio Savvy Stains are exterior grade and oil based.

It is not necessary to apply an additional sealer, but if you want to add an extra layer of protection to your stained project, Clear Topcoat Sealer is an excellent choice.

Bio Savvy Stains are earth friendly, human friendly and user friendly!  Perfect for the novice as well as the more advanced artist, these stains are versatile and simple to work with.  Unlike traditional stains, Bio Savvy Stains wash easily off of hands and out of brushes.  We are certain that you will love these stains as much as we do!  We hope you’ll give them a try!

Please be sure to hashtag #artisanenhancements and #biosavvybrands in your project shares on social media!  We love to see what you’re working on!







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