Mod Vintage Table Top Finish



New to the Artisan Enhancements stencil collection is this elegant and modern “Dotted Pearl” design!


This boring little metal table was crying out for texture, interest and pattern!

A Pearl Plaster raised design created with the “Dotted Pearl” stencil was just the ticket!


After brushing on two coats of Graphite for a matte black background, we positioned our stencil and taped it in place on the table top using painter’s tape.  We then used our Color Shaper tool to gently push Pearl Plaster across the top of the stencil.


While the Pearl Plaster was still wet, we carefully pulled back the stencil to reveal the raised design underneath.  We then cleaned off our stencil and allowed this first section of the design to dry completely before continuing.



A simple trick for continuing a repeating stencil pattern such as this one is to lay the stencil back down over part that has already been applied and has dried.  In addition, we taped off a border on the end of the table so that it would match the other side.


After allowing the Pearl Plaster design to dry completely, we used a fine grit sanding sponge to lightly sand the Pearl Plaster, creating a smooth, even finish for the table surface.


Clear Finish, an all natural acrylic sealer creates a beautiful, protective shimmery shine.  We applied 3 coats using our topcoat brush, allowing the product to dry well between each application.


The result is a wonderful sheen that accentuates the pearlescent qualities of the Pearl Plaster.

It also gives the overall piece the modern vintage finish that sets off the Dotted Pearl design perfectly.


Once a boring metal table, this piece now has interest and style.  The simplicity of the Dotted Pearl stencil design lends itself well to a myriad of decor styles!


We hope you’ve been inspired to add pattern and dimension to your next table project!  We also hope that the techniques and tricks we’ve shared here will be helpful to you!


Feel free to pin photos from this post for future reference!  We welcome your comments and questions!

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