Introducing a Multi-Purpose Cleaner That’s Both Safe and Effective!

We are thrilled to finally have a non-toxic, yet effective cleaner for furniture, cabinets, stencils, paintbrushes and so much more!  Bio Savvy Super Solution is concentrated to cut through grease and dirt.  It is safe to use on any surface, including those that have previously been painted.  This Super Solution is ideal for prepping surfaces for paint as it cleans effectively and leaves no harsh residue or fumes behind!

We recommend Bio Savvy Super Solution for cleaning all kinds of wood finishes, including wood furniture and floors!  Simply spray and wipe back.  There is no need to rinse or dilute.

Finally, a cleaner that removes dried paint off of stencils, even days after use!  Simply spray the stencil and allow the solution to penetrate the dried paint for several minutes.  The paint wipes away easily with a damp sponge!

Even well used and neglected wax brushes clean up beautifully with Savvy Super Solution.  Just saturate the bristles and give the solution several minutes to work it’s magic!

Grab your Heart Scrubbie and gently comb the wax out of the bristles, then simply rinse and set aside to dry!

Bio Savvy Solution is the deep cleaner/ degreaser that earth conscious DIYers have been waiting for!

We can’t wait for you to try Bio Savvy Brands Super Solution!  We know you’ll find this super cleaner extremely handy to have around the house, not only your DIY project needs but for everyday cleaning as well!  Keep in mind that this product is food safe, allergy free and inhibits bacterial growth, making it completely safe and effective in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas throughout the home!  Give it a try and let us know what you think!  Be sure to hashtag #biosavvybrands when you share your new favorite non-toxic cleaning solution on social media!




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