How to Create a Watercolor-like Finish


Create a watercolor effect on furniture and accessories by layering pastel color tinted glazes over your paint finish!


Start by painting your piece in a solid color.  Antoinette was used here for one piece and Duck Egg Blue for another. Once the paint has dried, you may choose to add a stenciled design.


Part of the Artisan Enhancements Chandelier stencil design was applied here in Old Ochre to frame the metal hook that would later be added.  When the stenciled design had dried, it was sanded lightly with fine grit sandpaper for a more natural, muted look.


Artisan Enhancements Scumble can be tinted with paint to create a custom glaze color.  Here 1 part Louis Blue to 5 parts Scumble was mixed for one glaze, and the same ratio Paloma to Scumble for another.


The Scumble mixtures were applied one at a time with a brush, and then wiped back with a damp sea sponge.  The extended open time of the Scumble product allows you to wipe away the glaze, add more and play with the finish until you are satisfied with the results.


Here both Antoinette and Paloma were mixed with Scumble to create 2 separate glazes that were applied overtop a board painted with Duck Egg Blue and stenciled in Old Ochre.


Once you have achieved a watercolor effect that you are happy with, you will want to protect it with a durable sealer.  The Scumble product leaves you with a flat, silky finish.  To enhance the sheen, apply a thin coat of Clear Finish.  Wait 2-3 hours and apply a second coat.  For more of a matte finish, choose Artisan Enhancements Clear Topcoat Sealer.


With Artisan Enhancements Scumble, you can mix any number of custom tinted glazes and feel like a true artist as you layer them onto your paint finish!  Consider creating a watercolor-like finish for your next furniture or home accessory makeover!


Disclosure: This is an Artisan Enhancements sponsored post, however the opinions and ideas expressed here are mine and I will only ever promote products that I enjoy using and feel may benefit my readers.

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