Happy New Year From Artisan Enhancements!


As 2015 comes to a close, we thought it would be fun to create a quick and easy whimsical piece of decor to welcome the new year!


We used an inexpensive 12″x 16″canvas for our “2016” sign but you can use a piece of wood, a discarded cabinet door or pretty much any other surface that is large enough to accommodate the stenciled numbers.

When mapping out your design, it can be helpful to have a large ruler handy and even pencil it out before you begin painting.

vintage numbers.cdr

Our vintage number stencil set is great to have on hand for a multitude of project ideas!

Once your design is mapped out and you’ve secured your stencil into place, you are ready to begin!


A successful stencil project requires the right tools.  Our stencil brush set provides you with stencil brushes in three different sizes so you that you can be sure to grab the size that works best for the stencil at hand.


Here we used the larger of the three stencil brushes.  Be sure to off-load paint from your brush before painting over the stencil surface.  This will help give you a crisp stenciled design.

2015-12-29 001

After stenciling the year onto our painted board, we did some light sanding with fine grit sand paper to give our sign a slightly aged, vintage look.

Next, we wanted to add just a little bit of whimsy and glamour with some organic looking metallic polka dots.

We dipped the eraser end of a new pencil into our Leaf & Foil Size and “stamped” a series of dots across our sign for a look that was neat, but not too uniform to continue the vintage appeal and add some New Years glitz!


After about 20 minutes, the Leaf & Foil Size had tacked up and we were ready to apply the foil.  We laid a sheet of our bright gold foil down, shiny side up over our sign.  Did you know that our heart scrubbies, designed for cleaning paint brush bristles, double as burnishing tools?  Just lightly rub the edge of the heart back and forth across the back of your foil!


Once we had burnished the foil over all of the dots, we pulled it back to reveal our whimsical design!


Clear Finish was used to seal our sign, enhance the metallic design and add to the richness of the overall finish.  You need only wait for a coat of Clear Finish to be dry to the touch before applying another.  The more thin coats of Clear Finish you layer over top of another, the glossier your finish will be.  We applied four quick coats to give our sign a wonderful high-gloss sheen!


We hope in our efforts to celebrate the new year with you here, we’ve also provided you with a few ideas, tips and tricks that will help you in your next project!

Please remember to hashtag #artisanenhancements in all of your social media project posts!  We love seeing your creativity!

Wishing you all a creative, inspired and Happy New Year!

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