Gold Foil + Moroccan Stencil + Easy Crackle = One Fun Paint Finish with a Whole Lot of Vintage Glamour!

Today’s makeover project started out a little on the bland and boring side.  We knew that with a little bit of imagination and a few great art finishing products, we could transform this little bench into something fabulous!

We find that our metallic foils look best on a dark base, so to start, we brushed a quick coat of Graphite over the entire surface.  Once the paint was dry, we grabbed our Leaf & Foil Size and applied an even coat over the top and sides of the bench.  Leaf & Foil Size can either be brushed or rolled on and takes about 20 minutes to “tack up” before metallic foil can be applied.  Using painter’s tape, we also taped off a couple of details on the legs of the bench where we wanted to apply gold foil accents.

Twenty minutes later, after the Leaf & Foil Size had dried completely clear, the areas where the Leaf & Foil size was applied were ready for foil.  Working in manageable sections, we laid down pieces of our Soft Gold foil, shiny side up and used a scrubbing brush to “burnish” the backside.  Once burnished, the foil was removed and we were left with a beautiful gold surface, ready for the next step!

Taping our Moroccan stencil into place with low-tack painter’s tape, we used our large stencil brush and a custom mix of Scandinavian Pink and Pure White to stencil over the gold foil.

After removing the stencil and allowing the paint to dry, we taped the stencil back into place and applied a second coat of paint for a more definitive design.

On the sides of the bench we applied Easy Crackle.  Easy Crackle is the best crackle medium to use over foil finishes.  A slightly thinner crackle product, Easy Crackle creates a more delicate crackle effect than Crackle Tex.  We applied Easy Crackle in a vertical direction.  Once dry, we quickly brushed on a coat of paint in a horizontal direction.

Brushing the crackle medium and paint in opposite directions results in a more geometric type crackle effect.  We felt this effect best complimented the Moroccan design.

With our Gold Foil, Stenciling and Crackle effect complete, we were ready to seal our paint finishes.

We recommend Clear Finish for sealing metallic finishes as it enhances the beautiful sheen of the foil.

We always use our 45mm Topcoat Brush for applying Clear Finish as it was specifically designed to minimize the appearance of brush strokes.

Once the first coat of Clear Finish was completely dry, 24 hours later, we proceeded to apply a second coat.  Clear Finish provides a satin-high gloss finish depending on the number of coats applied.

Don’t be afraid to combine a variety of techniques and products in one project!  Be bold!  Use your imagination and have fun!

Discover the artist in you with Artisan Enhancements user-friendly, sustainable, art finishing products!

Be sure to hashtag #artisanenhancements in your social media project shares!  We would love to see your creations!

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