Featured Artisan Profile: Girl in Pink

We love working with talented artists, bloggers, DIY-ers,  and painters from around the world. The finishes and transformations created with our products are always so inspiring. For our very first “Featured Artisan Profile”, we are highlighting a very good friend and longtime collaborator: Amanda Bachelder from the blog “Girl in Pink“.
Amanda, started blogging in 2010 about her passion for thrifting, crafting, repurposing, decorating, all things vintage…and pink! In the beginning her blog served as a digital scrapbook and journal to collect and share her inspirations, ideas, and projects.
The words, “feminine cottage”, “romantic vintage”, and “modern Victorian” have been used to describe Amanda’s aesthetic. One of her very first posts was a “How-To” on preserving summer roses to be enjoyed as decorator items year round.  The Girl in Pink blog is filled with step-by-step projects on how to add similar touches to any space.
Over a period of a few months, Amanda’s blog following grew organically and she became popular as a decorating and tutorial resource online. However, where Amanda found true success was in the Pinterest circle of creative idea sharing! Pinterest allowed Amanda to share her Girl in Pink blog with a massive audience, quickly catapulting her to an influencer status. Amanda also found a plethora of ideas and projects herself on the platform. Amanda found herself with an arsenal of new sources, products, and collaborators to help her create and “elevate” her signature style. One of the new product lines she discovered was Artisan Enhancements.
Outside of her blog, Amanda also paints furniture and teaches painting workshops at Camas Antiques in Camas, Washington.  After discovering and experimenting with a couple of Artisan Enhancements products,  Amanda was hooked!  She began adding Artisan Enhancement products on to her painted furniture projects and her workshops. As a result, her customers and students were hooked!
(Raised Stencil Relief with VP Antico and Rosy Vine Stencil)
(Image Transfer Art Board)
At the time,

Artisan Enhancements was still new to market. Amanda decided to introduce her Blog and Pinterest audience to her new favorite find….and that’s all she wrote (pun intended).

The audience was excited for something new and wanted more! Artisan Enhancements also loved the fresh perspective and style of finishes Amanda was creating with our products. We have featured several Girl in Pink projects over the years and Amanda regularly contributes to our social media and blog content.
In 2017, Camas Antiques became a Brand Ambassador for Artisan Enhancement products in the Northwestern region. If you’re in the Northwestern region and want to learn hands on, visit Camas Antiques to take a workshop with the one and only Girl in Pink!
To see more projects and inspiration follow the The Girl in Pink at:
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