Featured Artisan Profile: Barbara Hansen of Metamorfoza Furniture

For our second “Featured Artisan Profile” we’re traveling to Poland to meet the multi-talented and delightful artist extraordinaire, Barbara Hansen of Metamorfoza Furniture.


Born in Poland, Barbara has been a creative person as long as she can remember. Her story in the decorative painting industry began in the 1995, while designing her first home in Poland. Drawing inspiration from the tones and textures of the natural world, Barbara created a faux stone finish reminiscent of an old cave on her basement walls and ceiling. The finish was so detailed and authentic, visitors to her home didn’t believe it wasn’t real stone. The response was overwhelming. Barbara knew she had found her calling.

In 2015, while living in the USA, Barbara found old discarded furniture pieces in need of a bit of care, creativity, and restyling. Luckily, she had ample experience in all three categories. During her time abroad, Barbara was also the full time caregiver to her husband. Barbara affectionately states, ” making art helped me to escape to different world without leaving home when I was the only hospice caregiver for my terminally ill husband.” Painting and creating was not only her passion but also very therapeutic.


Barbara describes herself as a “self-taught, intuitive painter.” She describes her furniture as “functional art, show stoppers to add personal style.” Barbara prefers to stay true to her style and not follow trends, adding, “even though, furniture like this do not sell quickly, customers who purchase furniture restyled by me, coming back asking for one more “WOW FACTOR” to add to another room.” Barbara’s clients and customers understand they aren’t just buying furniture, they are also buying original works of art.

Barbara has a never ending stream of creative ideas stemming from her abundant sources of inspiration. She LOVES color and reveals “Wheels of color are always turning in my head…even when I am sleeping!” At the moment, she is very drawn to the combination of juxtaposed warm and cool color palette. However, her go-to signature color scheme is grey tones with gold accents.



Barbara is an avid traveler. During her travels, she tries to absorb as much inspiration as possible. Barbara always has her camera ready to capture old faded wallpapers, vintage fabrics, antique ornamentation, and architectural details. Barbara remarks, ” I study all signs of aging, rust, and oxidation. I use them as reference as I am working to recreate these looks on my furniture. Creating patina and texture makes me happy!” Many of the textures, patinas, and layers seen in Barbara’s creations are direct reflections of the textures discovered while traveling.


During her travels In the USA, Barbara discovered and took classes in Artisan Enhancements products. Barbara particularly loves Crackle Tex and the no odor Artisan Enhancements plasters. When asked why she preferred Artisan Enhancement products Barbara notes, ” I have yet to find another product that can generate such authentic looking paint and plaster cracks like Crackle Tex. With the VP Antico and Fine Stone, that have no odor, I am able to recreate any Old World aged finish. I love the depth and texture with dimensional relief stenciling techniques.” Artisan Enhancements products have allowed Barbara to effortlessly create authentic textures and one-of-a-kind finishes.

Artisan Enhancements products would eventually lead Barbara to Nordic Chic, an eco friendly Scandinavian paint. Using the two product lines in tandem, Barbara has been able to elevate her business to the next level. Barbara now offers group and individual private weekend workshops at her Studio by the Pond. Barbara says “students enjoy the combination of passionate, creative learning and relaxing, retreat atmosphere… after a creative weekend with birds singing, and organic homemade meals with ingredients from my garden and local farmers everyone is going home full of energy and creative ideas.” Recently, Barbara trained a large group of decorative painters in Scandinavia with Nordic Chic Paint and Artisan Enhancements. The feedback from the training was wonderful and she hopes to do more in the future.

When she isn’t painting or teaching, Barbara spends her time consulting for Studio of Kitchen Cabinetry & Interior Design and assisting Real Estate agencies with home staging.

To learn more about Barbara and get inspired – Visit her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

In Poland and want to take a workshop with Barbara? Visit her Facebook Page for more information!

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