Why does the surface sealed with Clear Topcoat Sealer feel “moist” or “tacky”?

If the Clear Topcoat sealed surface feels “moist” or “tacky” one of the following reasons could be the cause:

  • Too much product has been applied. A common issue usually stemming from the use of an improper tool for application or not off-loading excess product from the tool before applying the sealer to the surface. Always use a quality varnish brush or varnish roller. Sealer should go on looking “wet”, not white “milky” with proper application. If too much Clear Topcoat was used extend the dry and cure time until surface no longer feels moist or tacky.
  • Humidity and temperature can affect the dry time. Allow an extra 24 – 48 hours if conditions are particularly cold or warm + humid.
  • Not enough dry time between coats. Be sure to allow 24 hours between each coat of Clear Topcoat.
  • Too many coats have been applied. Only two coats of Clear Topcoat are needed for full coverage.

Helpful hint: If you live in a region with humid warm months a dehumidifier or moisture absorbers (like the kind used for basements) can help pull moisture from the surface and help maintain cure times.