What type of paints and plasters can be layered with Crackle Tex?

Artisan Enhancements™ Crackle Tex is a thick bodied crackle medium. Developed to create crackle techniques and textures when layered with most water-based paints and plasters.

Crackle Tex is a crackle medium that is sandwiched between a base layer and a topcoat layer of either plaster or paint.

Crackle Tex works best with mineral and chalk style ultra-flat (matte) water-based paints. However, some paints contain a higher concentration of matting agent or acrylic resin. Both can change the end result of the crackle pattern. Cracks may appear but may not be as pronounced. Light and medium colors produce more defined and pronounced crackle patterns. Darker more saturated colors can occasionally be more difficult to crack due to higher concentrations of pigments. Cracks may appear but may not be as pronounced.

Crackle Tex works best with VP Antico and Fine Stone. Both plasters are more porous and matte when dry making them ideal to layer with Crackle Tex.

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