What is the difference between Clear Topcoat and Clear Finish?

Clear Topcoat sealer is a bio-sustainable soya oil high-performance zero VOC sealer and varnish. Clear Topcoat can be used as a primer to prepare surfaces before painting, a sealant over raw porous surfaces, or a clear topcoat varnish. Great for interior and exterior projects. Not recommended over white painted surfaces. 

Clear Finish is a non-yellowing, water-based, high-quality acrylic varnish. Clear Finish is solvent-free, non-toxic, and zero VOC. Developed to provide ultimate clarity, Clear Finish dries brilliantly clear and provides interior surfaces with a protective coating. Clear Finish is a fast drying and easy-to-apply varnish. Great for interior projects.

For more information we recommend you download the Sealer Comparison Tip Sheet – CLEAR TOPCOAT VS CLEAR FINISH