Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions and general tips for troubleshooting. If you are not able to find an answer to the question you have and you have read through the tipsheet(s) of the product that you are working with, then please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

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If the Clear Topcoat sealed surface feels “moist” or “tacky” one of the following reasons could be the cause:
  • Too much product has been applied. A common issue usually stemming from the use of an improper tool for application or not off-loading excess product from the tool before applying the sealer to the surface. Always use a quality varnish brush or varnish roller. Sealer should go on looking “wet”, not white “milky” with proper application. If too much Clear Topcoat was used extend the dry and cure time until surface no longer feels moist or tacky.
  • Humidity and temperature can affect the dry time. Allow an extra 24 – 48 hours if conditions are particularly cold or warm + humid.
  • Not enough dry time between coats. Be sure to allow 24 hours between each coat of Clear Topcoat.
  • Too many coats have been applied. Only two coats of Clear Topcoat are needed for full coverage.
Helpful hint: If you live in a region with humid warm months a dehumidifier or moisture absorbers (like the kind used for basements) can help pull moisture from the surface and help maintain cure times.

Scumble is a translucent water-based effect medium. Scumble was developed to be worked and manipulated into the surface. Due to the performance properties and application method, occasionally (depending on the formula of the basecoat of paint) Scumble can re-wet and re-open painted layers readily with the reintroduction of moisture leading to muddy and inconsistent glaze applications. For best results, if painting before application, make sure the basecoat of paint is completely dry before the application of Scumble. If you’re nervous about the paint re-opening, seal the painted surface with Artisan Enhancements™ Clear Topcoat prior to the Scumble application. We always recommend doing a test piece of your Scumble glaze to see how the basecoat and tinted glazes respond.

Typically, when the paint lifts from the surface while removing the foil layer or burnishing the foil, there is an issue with the actual basecoat of paint’s adhesion to the surface below the Leaf & Foil Size. If the paint doesn't fully stick to the surface, the pressure of rubbing and pulling during foil application can essentially peel off the paint. This most often occurs when the surface below the Size and the basecoat paint are glossy, lacquered, slick, or waxed. The best way to avoid the basecoat of paint lifting is to make sure the paint is fully hardened/cured to the surface before Leaf and Foil Size application or prime/sand any surface that may be a bit slick/glossy before applying the basecoat of paint.