Does Nature’s Wood Stain™ require an additional sealer?

Due to the unique formulation of Nature’s Wood Stain™, a surface stained in Nature’s Wood Stain™ does not require an additional sealer if two coats of stain are applied for full coverage. If only applying one coat of stain or a diluted coat of stain, we recommend applying one thin coat of Clear Topcoat sealer before use.

If desired, additional sealers and wax can be applied to fully cured stained surfaces to increase sheen and smoothness of finish. Allow stained surface to dry for a minimum of 72 hours before applying sealers or wax. After 72 hours the surface can be sealed with Artisan Enhancements™ sealers Clear Topcoat or Clear Finish (See Sealer Tip Sheet for proper sealer application). After 72 hours of dry-time, additional colored waxes can be layered over the stained surface.