Does Artisan Enhancements™ Leaf and Foil Size need to be sealed?

Yes. Once Leaf and Foil Size has been applied to a surface it remains tacky indefinitely if not sealed. Seal metallic surfaces with Artisan Enhancements™ sealers Clear Topcoat or Clear Finish. For dusted foils we recommend a “Matte” sheen of our sealers. For glossy foils we recommend a “Gloss” sheen for our sealers. If using traditional metal leaf, do a sample piece to determine the desired sheen.

Note: Wax and Scumble glaze maybe used over foiled surfaces. To add an additional layer of wax or Scumble glaze, first seal the foiled surface with one thin coat of Clear Topcoat sealer. Allow the surface to cure a minimum of 72 hours before wax or Scumble application – for best results allow 1 week of Clear Topcoat cure time before wax or Scumble application. Follow wax manufacturer’s instructions for wax applications. Follow Scumble Tip Sheet for Scumble application.