Do Artisan Enhancements™ Transfer Gel image transfers and decoupage need to be sealed?

Yes. Images and decoupage materials applied using Transfer Gel need to be sealed to protect the finish. We recommend sealing with Transfer Gel, Clear Topcoat, or Clear Finish. Make sure to use a proper varnish brush when applying Transfer Gel as a varnish. Transfer Gel as a varnish is thicker than Clear Finish and Clear Topcoat making brush strokes more visible and harder to control. Transfer Gel has a semi-gloss – glossy finish when used as a varnish. For a more consistent, even, or matte sheen – we recommend using Clear Topcoat or Clear Finish. See Tip Sheets for Clear Topcoat and Clear Finish for application instructions.

Note: Wax and Scumble maybe used over Transfer Gel techniques. To add an additional layer of wax or Scumble, first seal the image transfer or decoupaged surface with one thin coat of Clear Topcoat sealer. Allow the surface to cure a minimum of 72 hours before wax or Scumble application – for best results allow 1 week of Clear Topcoat cure time before wax or Scumble application. Follow wax manufacturer’s instructions for wax applications. Follow Scumble Tip Sheet for Scumble applications.