Can I layer sealers and waxes?

Clear Topcoat sealer can also be used as a clear barrier layer BEFORE applying tinted and colored waxes. Apply 1 thin coat of Clear Topcoat Sealer BEFORE applying waxes. Allow sealer to dry for minimum of 48 hours before applying waxes.

We do not typically recommend applying Clear Topcoat OVER waxed finishes. With waxed surfaces there are a lot of variables – thickness of wax, type of wax, solvents used in wax formula, number of layers of wax, dry time between layers, how much the wax was buffed, and cure time of wax. All of these variables make layering another product over wax potentially problematic. For most wax products, an additional sealer is not required over the layer of wax. In most circumstances, if using wax to seal, wax should be the final layer to seal chalk painted surfaces.

Some painters like the additional layer of sealer for peace of mind OVER wax. Although we do not specifically recommend it, Clear Topcoat sealer can be used over some waxes. However, we cannot guarantee the results or performance of Clear Topcoat over wax due to variation in different wax formulas and application methods. If applying Clear Topcoat OVER wax, wax must be fully buffed and fully cured (per the wax manufacturer’s instructions) before applying Clear Topcoat. Only apply one thin layer of Clear Topcoat over wax. Allow a minimum full 72 hour – 1 week cure time before use of surface.

Clear Finish can not be used with wax.