Can Clear Topcoat or Clear Finish be diluted or applied with a sprayer?

Clear Topcoat can be diluted up to 10% but all dilutions will change the characteristics of the sealer. Meaning, the dry times, cure times, durability and sheen maybe different after dilution. If diluting, we recommend starting with a 5% dilution of water on a test sample.

Clear Topcoat Sealer can be sprayed. But requires a quality sprayer, fine mist nozzles, and sometimes a bit of dilution (but only if needed). Always be sure to test your spray pressure, your mist setting, and dilution before attempting on a piece.

Paint sprayer pressure: 1500-2500 psi

Paint sprayer nozzle: 0.013 – 0.017

Clear Finish cannot be diluted or sprayed. If a sprayed finish is desired, we recommend using Clear Topcoat.