Can Artisan Enhancements™ Scumble be used as a slip coat for washes and painted effects?

Yes! Scumble can be used as a slip coat for blended and dry-brush techniques. However (depending on the formula of the basecoat of paint), occasionally Scumble can re-wet and re-open painted layers with the reintroduction of moisture leading to muddy and inconsistent glaze applications. For best results, make sure the basecoat of paint is completely dry before the application of Scumble. If you’re nervous about the paint re-opening, seal the painted surface with Artisan Enhancements™ Clear Topcoat prior to the Scumble application. We always recommend doing a test piece of your Scumble technique to see how the basecoat responds.

To use Scumble as a slip coat before paint application, apply a thin coat of Scumble to a dry pre-painted (basecoat) and sealed surface. While Scumble is still wet, apply paint over the Scumble layer. Use a brush or sea sponge to blend, soften, and manipulate the paint. To learn more about Scumble techniques and dry times review the comprehensive Tip Sheet.