DIY Weathered Crackle Stenciled Stool with Artisan Enhancements and Bio Savvy Stains

When we came across this nondescript little wooden stool, we knew it would be a good canvas for a DIY multi-layer finish.  We decided to start with an simple paint crackle finish.  We applied a fairly thick layer of Crackle Tex using our small round brush. Brushing the Crackle Tex on to the surface in one direction. 

Once the Crackle Tex was completely dry, we were ready for paint.  We loaded up our large round brush and applied the paint. When applying paint over crackle mediums, be careful not to overwork the surface or apply too much pressure.  Brushing paint back and forth too much will disrupt freshly created cracks in the paint. Cracks begin to appear as soon as the paint begins to dry.

  We chose the Bee and Laurel stencil for the top of the stool and used just a portion of the Laurel for the stool sides.

If you’re new to stenciling, here is a quick, useful video to help you be successful!

We were quite pleased with the effect of our stenciled bee over the crackled paint finish.  The next step was to give it a more weathered appearance.

Bio Savvy Stains are much more versatile than the average wood stain!  In addition to staining raw wood, Bio Savvy Stains can also provide a weathered or glazed appearance over most paint finishes.

We chose Bio Savvy Stain in the color Ebony to weather our crackled, stenciled finish.  We simply brushed the stain on with our large round brush.

We then used a damp sea sponge to wipe the stain back until we had achieved the desired effect.

Clear Topcoat Sealer was applied to give the stool an additional durable seal.  We applied one thin coat using our Topcoat Brush, followed by a second coat 24 hours later. We allowed to stool to cure a full 72 hours before placing outdoors.

Our little weathered stool was then ready for a farmhouse kitchen or shabby porch!

We hope you’ll consider Bio Savvy Stains for your next weathered finish DIY paint project!  Please hashtag #biosavvyproducts and #artisanenhancements in your project shares on social media.  We would love to see what you’re working on!

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