DIY Custom Sized Chalk Board with Stencil Relief Frame


Chalk boards are a popular and fun addition to home decor!

However, finding an over-sized frame to fit a larger chalk board can be difficult and expensive.

Here we’ll show you how to use our Decorative Trio Stencil Set and VP Antico to create a beautiful frame on your homemade chalk board!


We started with a large piece of plywood.


Lining our Decorative Trio Stencil corner up to the edge of the plywood, we taped the stencil in place and grabbed our Color Shaper tool.


Next, we simply applied the VP Antico over the top of the corner stencil design with our Color Shaper.


While the product was still wet, we carefully peeled back the stencil to reveal the raised corner design.


You may wish to clean your stencil in between applications but we found that it worked okay to continue without cleaning until we were finished with all four corners and ready to use another part of the stencil.


After having cleaned our stencil, we did a little measuring in order to center our straight stencil piece between the two corners.  We continued to tape down the stencil and apply the VP Antico in the same fashion as the we did the corners.


As you can see, these stencil designs come together to create a beautiful over-sized frame.  Consider this application for projects beyond the chalk board idea as well!


Once the VP Antico had dried completely, we used a fine grit sanding sponge to carefully sand back any rough areas.

The next step was to paint our chalk board!  We simply applied two even coats of Graphite, covering the entire board, including our raised stencil designs.  For this project, no sealer was necessary.



After giving our chalk board finish plenty of dry time, we rubbed a piece of white chalk across the whole surface, then wiped it back with a dry rag.


Don’t overlook stencils for chalk board art…a great option for those of us who don’t have the skills or confidence to free-hand!


We used the Vintage Alphabet Stencil Set and Blossoming Scroll to add some word art to our finished chalk board!


We hope this project idea has encouraged you to think outside of the box when it comes to creating a chalk board for your home!

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We would love to see what you’re working on!

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