Creating and Customizing with Artisan Enhancements Vintage Alphabet Stencil Set


With Artisan Enhancements new Vintage Alphabet Stencil set, you have the ability to customize your paint projects with any word or phrase you choose!  Stencil words, names or phrases onto walls, furniture and other prepared surfaces!  This is one set of elegant stencils that you will be sure to use again and again!


Successfully centering a word or phrase on a painted surface requires some simple measuring and a little bit of math.  You will need a ruler, tape measure, pencil and possibly a calculator.  If you are stenciling on a wall, a level may also come in handy for ensuring that your words come out straight and even.


Start by writing your word or phrase out on a piece of paper.  Measure each letter stencil with a ruler and write the measurements below.  If you are stenciling a phrase, be sure to consider an appropriate measurement for spaces between words.


Measure your surface space.  Here we are working on a wood panel painted in Duck Egg Blue.  The area that we planned to stencil on is 28 inches long.  Knowing this not only helps us to ensure that our stenciled word will fit on the surface, but we can also find the center of the board by dividing that measurement in half.  Now we know that 14 inches in from the side of the board is the exact center of the surface.  Make a small pencil mark to signify the half-way point.  By adding the measurements of each letter together and dividing that total in half, we find the center of the word.  For the word  “baby,” the center of the stenciled letters will be 9.56” which means we will be lining up the second “B” part way in with the center of the painted board.


It’s a good idea to use your ruler and pencil to draw a faint line across your surface to follow as you stencil.  This will help make sure that all letters line up and your words appear straight and even.

At this point you are ready to begin stenciling.  Start with the middle of your word or phrase.  Remember that the results of our measurements and math equations showed that the center of stenciled “baby” was a small fraction of an inch in from the left of the second letter “b.”  Once your center letter stencil is in place, dip your stencil brush into your paint and off-load the excess onto a paper towel.  Pounce the paint all over the top of the stencil, off-loading the excess from your brush each time you dip into your paint.


Allow your first letter to dry completely before continuing, so that you are not laying a stencil down in wet paint.  You can then alternate, painting a letter on either side of the center without waiting.


Letter stencil designs have small areas of disconnect.  This is just a necessary part of the stencil cutting process.  If you prefer a more natural, hand painted look, use a small, flat brush dipped in paint to fill in those gaps.


When you’re done stenciling your word or phrase, carefully erase any visible pencil marks.


As soon as your stenciled word is completed and dry, it’s time to seal your project.  Artisan Enhancements Clear Topcoat Sealer is a quick and easy way to add a protection to your paint finish.  A proper topcoat brush such as the 45mm from Artisan Enhancements will provide even coverage.  Two thin coats are recommended, with 24 hours dry time between applications.


With a complete set of alphabet stencils at hand, and a little careful preparation, there is no end to the inspired creations you can dream up and see through to completion!

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