Small Round Brushes

In an effort to bring our retailers the highest quality tools, with more profitable pricing, we have redeveloped our most popular tool.

The new brush's construction features upgraded quality natural bristles. The upgraded bristles are softer, more pliable, and better conditioned.  The higher quality bristles produce a better texture when painting and reduce shedding occurrences.

After reviewing feedback from many retailers and consumers, the handle was shortened slightly to be even more lightweight and fit more ergonomically in the hands of painters. However, the brush handle is still longer than most traditional paint brushes in order to get into those hard to reach areas.

The improved quality and lightweight construction is sure to make this brush a must have tool for every painter and artist.

Clean up is easy with soap and water for paint and cooking oil works well for removing wax. The small brush is an inexpensive option so many people like to buy more than one (one for clear wax and one for dark) or (one for paint and one for wax).

Medium Round Brush - ``The Everything Brush``

Our Medium Round Brush, or as we affectionately call it, "The Everything Brush", was designed to meet the need for a larger, "all-purpose" round brush. Customers and retailers love our Small Round Brush for its versatility and price point, so we created a larger version with some added benefits.

The Medium Round Brush features a sturdier handle and ferrule construction for painters who like the feel of a more substantial brush. The combo of plastic ferrule and metal binding reduces the chances of rusting and plastic degradation over time. The grooves of the plastic ferrule create a better surface to grip for painters who like to hold their brushes closer to the bristles, serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

The brush features quality natural bristles which are packed densely for better application of paint or wax over larger surfaces areas. The bristles are stiff enough for the brush to be used as a large stencil brush, but pliable enough to work glazes into intricate details. The brush is round in shape but instead of tapered layer bristles, the Medium Round Brush bristles have been sheared for a straighter edge. Since the bristles are more of a blunt cut, the Medium Round Brush is great for painters who want the hand painted look but don't necessarily want as much texture (brushstrokes) as they usually get with other rounded brushes.

45mm Topcoat Brush

The 45mm Topcoat brush by Artisan Enhancements is the perfect tool for applying topcoats and sealers. Our Topcoat Brush is handmade in Sweden and is a very high quality lightweight brush. Our brush is made mostly from natural bristles but has a light blend of synthetic bristles to lessen the opportunities for brush strokes. A huge benefit of this brush is that it helps facilitate thin even coats when applying paint, Clear Topcoat Sealer or Clear Finish.

Color Shaper

Our Color Shaper is the best tool to use when you want to achieved a raised stencil look with products like VP Antico, Fine Stone and Pearl Plaster. This shaper works better than a trowel because it is made with silicone and is very forgiving. It won’t thin your product too much or force it under your stencil like a trowel or putty knife can.  Clean up is easy with soap and water.

Stencil Brush Set (mini)

Our Stencil Brush Set offers 3 different size brushes. They are handy to have, not only for stenciling but also to paint trim or small areas that need detail work. These brushes are great when applying Gilders Paste, Pearl Plaster or a host of other products. Clean up is easy with soap and water.

Mini Brush