Artisan Enhancements in Greece with Harmony Interiors

For our Greece Distributor, Anna Koroni of Harmony Interiors, decorative painting began as a summer hobby and a method of relaxation. Her hobby eventually grew into a deep passion and new business adventure. For two decades Anna worked in a completely different field of study, but found herself drawn to the world of painting.

As a way to find her “inner peace”, Anna enjoyed the satisfaction that came from transforming a beautiful, yet tired, piece of furniture. Anna loved challenging herself and adjusting her decorative painting aesthetic to compliment the homes of her clients. Anna describes her style, “Any style that inspires elegance, warmness, and consistency in a room is my proposition. The challenge of bringing the old to match with fresh and modern ambience fascinates me.” When she wasn’t painting, Anna spent hours researching paint and different techniques. The more she painted and researched, the more she felt inspired and driven to make an unexpected career switch.

Always the tenacious and avid researcher, Anna began her hunt for paints and finishing products to launch in the Greek market. At the time, Greek painters were unfamiliar with the trend of DIY furniture restyling and decorative painting. Having a passion for painting and a background in marketing, Anna was confident that she could offer design customers, painters, and artists of Greece a variety of products and services.

Anna opened her storefront four years ago offering paints, hand-painted furnishings, and other paint related services and tools. After trying many paints, Anna was introduced to Vintro Luxury Paint. Anna found Vintro Luxury Paint to be an exceptional paint and began the process of becoming the distributor of Vintro Luxury Paint in the Greek region.

When looking for the best products to pair with her newly acquired paint line, Anna wanted products that were unique, specialty, and niche. Anna remarks, ” The Greek market is filled with a variety of paint mediums and stencils from different brands mostly in small quantities for hobbyists and crafters and mostly with chemical consistencies. No brand or single product stands out.” Her research would eventually lead her to Artisan Enhancements products. When asked what attracted her to Artisan Enhancements products Anna states, “As a store and a company, I was aiming at being connected with organic, environment friendly and high quality professional products. Artisan Enhancements represented the company that specializes worldwide in high quality, full range, quality paint mediums and decorative painting products.” Anna felt Artisan Enhancements and Vintro Luxury Paint were a perfect match. In 2018, Anna became the distributor of Artisan Enhancements products in Greece and Crete.

According to Anna, Greek customers are drawn to patinas, colors, and textures. The versatility of Artisan Enhancements mediums allow painters to create unique one-of-kind textures and layered finishes. Anna herself loves layering products to create multi-dimensional and eye-catching finishes.

Harmony Interiors offers a variety of workshops and inspiration. Customers and retailers can visit Harmony Interiors to experiment with the full range of Artisan Enhancements products. Students can learn techniques like Chippy Stenciled Fine Stone and Foil applications. Anna helps new furniture painters, explore products and unleash their creativity. By the end of her three hour workshop, students are impressed and excited about their new skills and creations.

Anna is currently in the process of building a website which will offer a plethora of resources and tutorials to Greek customers and retailers. If you would like to learn more about Harmony Interiors or attend a workshop, contact Anna via Facebook or by email at

Visit the Harmony Interiors Storefront:
Papanikoli 56-58
Athens, 15232

To join our Greek Family of retailers, please contact Anna directly at or submit an application via this link:

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