Artisan Enhancements Brand Ambassador Feature: Cindy and Barry Gazso at Studio 184

Studio 184 supplies DIY customers in the Madison, WI area products that they can feel safe about using in their homes. Providing customers with safer, non-toxic, alternatives was a primary goal of Studio 184 owners, Cindy and Barry Gazso, from the very beginning.  Artisan Enhancements dedication to producing no-low VOC and environmentally conscious products is what initially attracted Cindy and Barry to the line.  The ease of use, limitless creative possibilities and sustainability promise made Artisan Enhancements a perfect fit for Studio 184.

Artisan Enhancements is proud to play a part in Cindy and Barry’s vision for Studio 184 and excited to introduce them as Brand Ambassadors!

Prior to carrying Artisan Enhancements, Cindy and Barry considered another brand of art and furniture finishing products.  They sampled a sealer, applying it to a table top before closing up shop one evening.  When they entered the studio the next morning, the fumes were still very prevalent.  Cindy said she knew immediately that the products were not going to work for them.

Cindy delights in the fact that she can confidently recommend Artisan Enhancements to anyone with allergies or sensitivities to odor.  Concerned parents of young children are assured of the safety of products offered.  Studio 184 is so dedicated to these customers that they even offer curb-side product delivery to moms and dads whose babies have fallen asleep in the car on the way to the studio!

Studio 184 not only offers the tools and products to create faux finishes, but provides ample inspiration and professional training as well.   Cindy is very passionate about Studio 184’s workshops and likes to think of them as retreats for creative individuals!  In fact, although they do sell home decor and gift items, Cindy and Barry’s primary focus is inspiring and teaching customers to create new finishes on outdated or discarded furniture.  Customers who attend workshops at Studio 184 enjoy learning new processes and techniques that will help them beautify their homes.  At the same time, they can feel good about reducing their environmental footprint by using sustainable products to reinvent furniture instead of throwing of out.

Among their most popular offerings is the “3 Books Workshop.”  Studio 184 sources used books that were headed to the landfill and workshop attendees transform them into artful accessories.  The beautiful covers embellished with raised stencil reliefs featuring Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster and VP Antico are among some of the most re-pinned photos on the AE Pinterest boards!

Speaking of VP Antico, Cindy said that if she had to pick a favorite Artisan Enhancements product, this would be the one!  For as many years as she has been working with it, Cindy tells us she is still finding new uses for this versatile product.  Most recently she turned to VP to help secure old window glass where the caulking had chipped away.

According to Cindy, although her decorative painting customers seem to have their favorite products based on their own personal styles, most end up using and loving Clear Topcoat Sealer!

Studio 184 works with a local barnwood craftsman to create one of a kind furniture for customers as well as local interior designers.  Cindy tells us that sealing the aged barnwood with Clear Topcoat Sealer is a big part of what makes these pieces so special.

Read all about using Clear Topcoat Sealer to enhance and protect aged woods and see more of Studio 184’s barnwood creations here.

If you live close enough to Studio 184 to pay them a visit, do so!  Take a look at their wonderful workshop offerings and join them for an inspiring, hands-on class!

Regardless of location, anyone can enjoy the creative finishes and inspiration produced at Studio 184 by following them on Facebook and Instagram!

We are proud to call Cindy and Barry at Studio 184 Brand Ambassadors for Artisan Enhancements!


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