Add Some Shimmer to Your Holiday Decor with a Pearl Glaze!







Creating a beautiful pearlescent glaze to bring shimmer to your Holiday  projects couldn’t be easier with Artisan Enhancements Scumble and Pearl Plaster!


We mixed up 5 teaspoons of Scumble and one spoonful of Pearl Plaster here to create our pearly glaze.  You can thin out the glaze even more by adding a couple more teaspoons of Scumble and still get a great shimmery effect.  A little bit goes a long ways!  We used just a small fraction of our mixed glaze here.  The leftover can be stored in a sealed container for later use.


These craft store ornaments were a blank canvas awaiting some shimmer and shine!  We started by painting each a solid color.


Once the paint had dried, we used our round brush to apply a thin coat of our pearl glaze.


We gave the glaze about 45 minutes to dry completely before moving on.


In the meantime, we made use of some of the extra glaze by brushing it onto some dried folliage and dipping a few pinecones.


The result was an elegant light shimmer, without taking away from the natural beauty of these elements from nature.


We turned to Leaf & Foil Size to accentuate some of the details on the ornaments and give them a little more glamour.


By applying the Leaf & Foil Size with a small brush, we were able to choose precisely how much and where the metallic foil would go.


After allowing the Leaf & Foil Size 15 minutes to “tack up” we applied a different colored foil shiny side up to each of the ornaments.  Our stencil brushes work great for burnishing the back of the foil.


Once this step was complete, we were ready to add a sealer to our ornaments!


Clear Finish is ideal for sealing projects that we want to shimmer and shine because it has a satin to glossy finish.  Want a little more shine?  Add additional coats of Clear Finish.  Just make sure the product is fully dry before adding each coat.


Whether you are creating new Holiday decor, updating the finish on something you’ve had or want to add just a touch of shimmer to some natural elements, creating a pearl glaze with Pearl Plaster and Scumble is an easy way to get the look you’re after!  We hope you will give it a try!

Please hashtag #artisanenhancements in your project posts on social media!  We would love to see your creations!

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