Welcome to Artisan Enhancements™

Artisan Enhancements™ is focused on producing high-quality, bio-sustainable, professional decorative paints, coatings and mediums. We supply these specialty products to decorative paint stores, artisans, faux finishers and DIY enthusiasts.

We are unique to most furniture paint and specialty decorative paint brands. Our team comes from a combined background of innovative manufacturing, marketing, distribution, design and creative decorative painting. We formulate and manufacture our products with the most bio-based content possible, without compromising the performance and characteristics of the products intended use.

Going as far back as 2003, we have been researching and developing new and unique, environmentally-friendly specialty coatings. We tried and tested formulas by prototypes attempting to create a new ways of creating specialty decorative coatings using modern bio-based ingredients.

Our goal is to produce products that are not just zero voc and environmentally-friendly, but bio-sustainable. We are pro sustainability and use as many ingredients as possible that are derrived from bio-renewable resources.

In 2012, Artisan Enhancements™ launched a debut collection of uniquely formulated, bio-based, specialty decorative products. Artisan Enhancements™ grown our business through the support of our beloved retailers and customers. Over the years, we added some new products, tools and other decorative finishing accessories.

In 2016, we added sustainable, zero VOC, plant-based, interior and exterior stains. With the addition of stains, we have been able to maintain our position as a source of innovative bio-sustainable decorative finishing and architectural coating products.

Supporting artisans since 2012.

In 2020, Artisan Enhancements™ merged with our long-time manufacturing partner and product developer, Prisum Coatings Canada Inc. Since the inception of Artisan Enhancements™ in 2012, the two companies have built a strong collaborative relationship.

With Artisan Enhancements™ officially ‘heading home’ and fully returning to the Prisum family. Artisan Enhancements™ products will continue to be held to the same high standard of quality, backed by award-winning paint technologies. Prisum offers almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing paints and coatings in North America, specializing in developing environmentally-friendly paints and coatings.

Join us on our bio-sustainable journey!

Artisan Enhancements™ will contine to offer new unique products to the specialty decorative paint market and offer customers with bio-based alternatives. We believe bio-based products are a responsible step in the right direction. Together we can help to transform the types of plastic products being used, reduce waste, educate ourselves and encourage the use of high-performance, environmentally friendly, bio-sustainable paints and coatings.

Thanks for taking the time to read about and get to know our company, to follow more of our story be sure to join us on social media or reach out to us directly on our contact page.