Elevate Your Painting Style


Small Round Brush (New and Improved Quality and Design)

Our Small Brush (or the #8 brush as many people refer to it for it’s 8” long handle) works well for both painting and/or waxing. It is made with natural hair and a round shape for better application of your paint or wax. The extra long handle is designed to help you reach those hard to get to spots. Clean up is easy with soap and water for paint and cooking oil works well for removing wax. The small brush is an inexpensive option so many people like to buy more than one (one for clear wax and one for dark) or (one for paint and one for wax).

45mm Topcoat Brush

Our Topcoat/Varnish brush. is handmade in Sweden and is a very high quality lightweight brush. This tool is mostly made with natural bristles but has a light blend of synthetic bristles to lessen the opportunities for brush strokes. A huge benefit of this brush is that it helps you not apply too much Clear Topcoat Sealer or Clear Finish (which many people do when using a fully synthetic brush). It also works well with any other oil based products or stains. Clean up is easy with soap and water.

Color Shaper

Our Color Shaper is the best tool to use when you want to achieved a raised stencil look with products like VP Antico, Fine Stone and Pearl Plaster. This shaper works better than a trowel because it is made with silicone and is very forgiving. It won’t thin your product too much or force it under your stencil like a trowel or putty knife can.  Clean up is easy with soap and water.

NEW! European Elite Wax Brush

Some things stayed the same:
-Very high quality natural brush bristles - ideal for a variety of projects
- Same ergonomic and lightweight design for reduced wrist strain
-Same center cork to allow bristles to fan out for more coverage
What's new?
-Handmade in Europe
- Medium length, tapered handle for even more comfort and grip
-Sturdier and sleeker ferrule (no more pins!)
-Instead of white now "Artisan" gray
-Integrated hole for hanging instead of plastic loop

European Wax Brush

Our European Wax Brush is handmade in Sweden and is a very high quality natural bristle brush. What makes this brush different from other wax brushes? This brush has a hole in the middle to help fan out the bristles for better coverage and quicker waxing (think street sweeper). The weight of this tool is lighter than most brushes because it has a cork in the middle. If you have arthritis or wrist problems you will love this brush because it doesn’t require a lot of pressure to work well. You can hold it by the handle or by the base. Clean up is easy with a little cooking oil to remove wax and then soap and water to clean the bristles. (Do not soak in water for a lengthy period as the cork can expand and loosen the bristles).

Stencil Brush Set (mini)

Our Stencil Brush Set offers 3 different size brushes. They are handy to have, not only for stenciling but also to paint trim or small areas that need detail work. These brushes are great when applying Gilders Paste, Pearl Plaster or a host of other products. Clean up is easy with soap and water.

Mini Brush